Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slightly Shifting - Addendum

Today's horoscope; dateline September 21, 2008, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: Taurus (me) - You're about to get wildly busy doing something you've never done before. This whirlwind will invigorate your life. The first signs that it's coming happen this afternoon.

After reading that I sat back and pondered what the hell it meant. Will I finally get the lucky scratch-off lottery ticket winning me one million dollars a year for life? That would certainly propel me to "get wildly busy doing something," such as planning a tour of Europe, or maybe looking for a residence in another country (who knows what's in store for the future after the November elections?).

But, for one fleeting moment as I pondered "The first signs that it's coming happen this afternoon," I imagined the contest coordinator from San Francisco Area - RWA calling me to say that I won their "Heart to Heart" contest (it was a Sunday afternoon when I learned I had placed first in the category I entered, so I assume since today is Sunday...). Yep, for one silly moment I imagined my reply to her:

Me: Do you speak French?
Her: Sort of...
Me: Get the f**k outta here! I won?

So as you can see, although my previous blog post revealed my new calm about writing, I still desire the feeling of knowing that, at long last, my efforts have come to fruition. And it only makes sense that said contest win would bring me an agent, because I'll be "wildly busy doing something," because the manuscript entered needs a TON of work, and if Ms. Agent asks to see more, well, I better get my writing ass in gear. "This whirlwind will invigorate (my) life." Hell yeah it will!

Perhaps writing doesn't define who I am, but, I'll admit, the feeling of accomplishment will bury the needle on my happiness meter. Just imagining it nudges the needle toward the "I feel really good right now" segment of the meter.

What buries the needle on your happiness meter?


Edie said...

I like what you say about the feeling of accomplishment being a part of happiness. That's a huge part of my happiness. I have a new book partially plotted and I need to flesh out the characters today. If I'm ready to write tomorrow and picked up some great ideas during this discovery process, I'll be happy. :)

Anonymous said...

My happiness needle got buried in a story that thrilled me from one page to the next. One of my beloved secondary characters needed her own story and I found it for her. Little did I know she'd take me on a whirlwind of fun and excitement.

Now that her story is finished, the vibe continued to other stories, including the paranormal romance that just wasn't working for me. Whether or not it'll be a paranormal romance when I'm finished remains to be seen. ;-)

Kath Calarco said...

Edie, I so get the "discovery process." If days go by without writing a single word, the mental fleshing out never stops. That in itself is an accomplishment. :)

Kath Calarco said...

Marcia, having a story that thrills from one page to the next and continues on to other stories is huge. Don't you love it when your imagination can cough up something so appealing to you that it keeps on going? (Like the Energizing bunny, only not as annoying.)

spyscribbler said...

Living in my fictional world. And writing it down. :-)

Kath Calarco said...

Spy, at times I wish I could write things down as quickly as the pop into my head. Now that would make me very happy.

Caryn Caldwell said...

I definitely feel happier when I'm accomplishing things, even though I often have the urge to put said things off instead.

Best of luck with your contest entry!

Kath Calarco said...

Caryn, thanks for the best wishes.

It is always easier to put things off. I've been doing that for the past week, telling myself that it's necessary to sit back and let it all simmer.

Robin said...

Accomplishing even the littliest things can bring a smile to my face. I've been busy revising, but this past weekend the idea for my next story starting unfolding in my mind and it made me so happy!

My fingers are crossed for your contest entry! Keep us posted!

Kath Calarco said...

Robin, thanks for the good wishes. I hope something really positive comes out of it.

It's awesome that you have a story unfolding as you're in the thralls of revision. I always have the hardest time focusing on WIP/revisions when another story appears. I commend you for sticking to finishing one before diving into the other.