Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sudden Impact

Although I initially sat down at the computer today in order to wrestle with my current work in progress, I first lolly-gagged (or is it "lally-gagged?). First I checked my emails, responded where appropriate, and then looked in my spam mail box. Usually I don't bother looking, just push the cursor over "empty" and flush away all messages without a glance.

But today I opened the spam, saw the usual ads for codeine and male enhancements, claims that I'm an heir to a vast estate, and other bull-shit enticements. However, a regular email somehow made it into the spam pile, and if I had followed my usual path, I wouldn't have gained verification that my life, my words, had a positive effect on someone else.

Snuck into the spam was a response to my previous blog post. It was from someone I've never met, either in person on via cyber-land. Her message read, "For what it's worth: this blog was inspirational to me. Your writing made a difference in at least one life today!" Two sentences that struck me as softly as a well intended embrace. Never in the seven years since I pursued the writing beast have I felt so...important. Worthy. Like I've left my mark, affected someone who perhaps was feeling as bluesy as I have lately.

For weeks I've felt less than into writing. I've questioned myself, looked for motivation, ate a ton of M&M's, and still no answer to my current conundrum came. The M&M's didn't offer their usual "feel good" high. Yet, a few kind words from a stranger have made all the difference. Call it the "Helper's High," something I learned in Sociology 101. Doing good deeds for others, in this case completely unintentional yet covert, fixes what ails, removes stress.

Sets ya right.

I thank you, Rebbie. I needed your words. Your crossing my path will never be forgotten.

Has anyone felt the "Helper's High" buzz lately? (It's better than M&M's...seriously.)