Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sudden Impact

Although I initially sat down at the computer today in order to wrestle with my current work in progress, I first lolly-gagged (or is it "lally-gagged?). First I checked my emails, responded where appropriate, and then looked in my spam mail box. Usually I don't bother looking, just push the cursor over "empty" and flush away all messages without a glance.

But today I opened the spam, saw the usual ads for codeine and male enhancements, claims that I'm an heir to a vast estate, and other bull-shit enticements. However, a regular email somehow made it into the spam pile, and if I had followed my usual path, I wouldn't have gained verification that my life, my words, had a positive effect on someone else.

Snuck into the spam was a response to my previous blog post. It was from someone I've never met, either in person on via cyber-land. Her message read, "For what it's worth: this blog was inspirational to me. Your writing made a difference in at least one life today!" Two sentences that struck me as softly as a well intended embrace. Never in the seven years since I pursued the writing beast have I felt so...important. Worthy. Like I've left my mark, affected someone who perhaps was feeling as bluesy as I have lately.

For weeks I've felt less than into writing. I've questioned myself, looked for motivation, ate a ton of M&M's, and still no answer to my current conundrum came. The M&M's didn't offer their usual "feel good" high. Yet, a few kind words from a stranger have made all the difference. Call it the "Helper's High," something I learned in Sociology 101. Doing good deeds for others, in this case completely unintentional yet covert, fixes what ails, removes stress.

Sets ya right.

I thank you, Rebbie. I needed your words. Your crossing my path will never be forgotten.

Has anyone felt the "Helper's High" buzz lately? (It's better than M&M's...seriously.)


Robin Bielman said...

How wonderful! And lovely. And true! Your honesty and integrity always make a difference to me too, Kath. You're a person of worth on so many levels beyond your writing, but I hope the words find their way back to you because I think you'd like that.

Happy everything...

Kath Calarco said...

Aww, Binks, you are my chronic high. You're almost an M&M replacement. Almost. Your words are a hug, seriously. I just love you!

Mary Vensel White said...

Yes, it's wonderful to know that someone is actually out there, interested in what you have to say. Very rewarding. Thanks for sharing!

Kath Calarco said...

Mary, writing is a solo act for me. This blog is my connection to the others out there who share the same ride. I'm so thrilled to make a difference, especially with new faces. :-)