Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hesitation, Sputters and Enlightenment

After due deliberation, this morning I clicked onto my blog with a clear intention of deleting it. Not the first time I've been down the quitter path. My reasons for waffling regarding this blog are several: Lack of comments; nothing to write about; just plain boring. All taken into consideration, I made the clear-cut decision to wipe it from the face of cyber-land. Delete it. Let other blogs clog the continuum. I'm certain the world will survive without my rants.

Yet...just before the deleting process, I re-read my most recent blog posted on January 27 of 2010. Another rant about the Universe's choosing me as its latest whipping boy, the post subtly forced me to reflect. Its closing line says, "Everything does happen to me, and that's a good thing because hope is eternally on my side."

These past months of the New Year have been a wilder ride than anything Disney can offer. But after reading the post I was reminded that all isn't lost, that life unfolds uncontrollably and it's up to us to make the proverbial "lemonade" out of it.

If for no other reason, my blogs are self-serving in a good way. They don't preach to the masses, but act as an outlet for my angst and joy (and whenever the latter decides to make an appearance, I'll be very appreciative).

Thus, the blog stays. I'm keeping it for me. It's not about promotion or hoping for comments. It's about self-revelation.

It brings me peace. Who can say they can't live without a small slice of that in their lives?