Monday, April 9, 2012


I am a writer.

It's not something I do for a living. I do it to live. No dollars or cents earned, but when I set pen to paper I achieve the same high as if my bank account filled with millions. It is my comfort in good times and bad, to paraphrase a vow.

It brings grief, changes moods, lifts my spirits.

It defines me.

There was a time when I'd not mention my passion to any living soul. This was my secret, but once I opened the doors, all sorts of tidings flocked to me, reinforcing my self-esteem, and then rob me of any shred of confidence.

It sustains me, brings me to tears, allows a place to hide.

And when I believed there was money in them there words, I found fool's gold in the leprechaun's bucket.

I enjoy an on-again, off-again relationship with the words, have taken up to six months away from my work-in-progress. Yet when I return, the magic greets me like welcoming back the lost warrior.

This is my writing life. My life.

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Nebula said...

Hi Kathy!

I'm glad to find you again! I was looking through my old emails and I found yours complimenting my poem.
It was so nice of you to look me up and send that--some of my closest friends didn't bother. Like you say in this new post--not everyone understands the writing life. I too was very reluctant to recognize myself as a poet. I'm taking a tutorial with a wonderful poet now and she has helped me tremendously. Best of luck with your writing!