Friday, November 14, 2008

Stranger Than Fiction

I have a friend, Edie Ramer, (pictured here) who is a finalist in the American Title V contest, which is similar to American Idol, except it doesn't have any weepy, semi-sober judges. And now that I've mentioned it, you, too, can vote for my friend. Just send an email to and put in the subject line "Dead People" (that's the name of her book - Dead People - an instant winner). She'll win a contract with Dorchester Publishing after all the votes are in.

But I'm not bringing the American Title V contest up so you will vote for my friend, Edie Ramer, writer extraordinaire, or so that you will check out the American Title V contest, which has launched the careers of many fabulous authors, such as my friend, Edie Ramer, whom you should vote for.

No, no. Today's blog is about me, yet inspired by Edie (whom you should have voted for by now). At a blog I frequent, Spy Scribbler, Edie pimped herself on Thursday, November 13. At the end of her guest spot, she requested of posters to list their favorite "first line" of any of their works. Right away, I went to each of my manuscripts, eager to post one of my favorite first lines. I love it when asked to pimp myself. The only problem was, my first lines sort of made me want to barf, but that's okay, they're drafts. I'll fix them... some day.

Where to find a great first line that won't make anyone else barf? I wondered. Far be it from me to create a cyber-vomitorium. So I continued sweeping my works, finally clicking onto a folder marked "Honors English." Still no great first lines, but I went with a great second line that could have passed for a first. It came from a creative non-fiction essay, and was my first college level A.

Edie loved it. Edie knows good when she sees it. For me, it slapped me up the side of my head and said, "Hello? Shouldn't you be registering for next semester?"

(Rewind: I started my college career last year - the world's oldest Freshman.)

I was supposed to return to school this year, but had to withdraw due to the damned eye malfunction. At this rate it'll take me five years to complete a two year program, but I'll do it even if it takes six. Today I took the first step - I picked out three courses for the Spring semester which I'll register for on Monday (because that's when registration starts). They are as follows: Stress Reduction Through Exercise - 2 PE credits (God knows, I really need that one); Creative Writing II- 3 English credits (I really need the help); Women in Contemporary Society - 3 Honors credits (fits me to a tee).

Credits already under my belt: 12
Credits assumed to get next semester: 8
Credits remaining for my Associates in Liberal Arts: 44

Hmm, 44 doesn't look like a lot to conquer. I could cram a few more course in during the summer. Wow! I might actually obtain my degree in three years! I just have to buckle down somewhere along the way and take some science and math, which of the latter I deplore. But I can do it, because...

I'm perpetually inspired my successful friends, such as Edie Ramer, whom by now you REALLY REALLY should have voted for via an email to, in the subject line, DEAD PEOPLE.

So my stage is set, subliminally put into motion by my little friend, Edie. Thanks, Edie. May your expected success rub off on many, but especially me.

Now go vote for my friend!


Edie said...

SMOOCH! Kath, you are an AWESOME FRIEND. And I love the classes you're taking! If I were going to college, they would be the exact classes I'd want to take. You go!

Our chapter meeting today was about hooks and we were supposed to bring something from our books. I thought our area contact meant blurbs and brought a couple, but she was talking about a hooky first line. lol

Kath Calarco said...

Back at ya, Edie!

And you should have brought your fishing tackle to the chapter meeting, lol.

I really am looking forward to school - it's fun being the oldest...not. :(

spyscribbler said...

That is awesome, Kath! You're inspiring, too! Good luck with the college. You'll make it! One credit at a time, how can you not?

I've really got my fingers crossed for Edie. I feel so nervous! I was as proud to vote for her as I was to vote for Obama, and y'all know that's saying something.

I've got my fingers crossed for you, too!

Kath Calarco said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, Spy. I'm hoping that the courses I'm taking will not only get me closer to a degree, but that they'll enrich my writing.

Robin said...

Good luck with the classes, Kath! And with age comes great wisdom, right? So you're going to blow all those other students out of the water!

Now I'm off to vote for Edie...

Edie said...

OMG! Spy! Now I'm tearing up. One of the reasons I was late getting my PR together was that the elections seemed so more important. Now that Obama won, I feel like a lot of good things will happen. To me and to the U.S. and to the world! It might take awhile, but change for the better will come.

Edie said...

Robin, thanks!

And, Kath, I agree with Robin. You have more confidence and life lessons than the others. Plus you have a great attitude. :)

Kath Calarco said...

Thanks Edie and Robin. Yesterday I re-visited the courses and made two changes already. I'm sticking with the "Stress Through Management" because I just think I really, really need it, and dropped the two English ones and replaced with another called "Fiction Into Film." That has GOT to be good!