Friday, October 3, 2008

Un-reality TV Redux

Does this picture look anything like John McCain? If you think it does, then either you're eyesight is worse than mine or you weren't born during the Jurassic age.

To the left is actor James Garner, star of the TV show "Maverick" which ran from (gulp) 1957 to 1962.

Sarah, my dear, I hate to burst your effervescent bee-hive, but there was only one Maverick, and he sure as hell isn't John McCain. If you said it once (which was plenty) you said it five thousand times. But I'm not surprised. It must have been hard to remember all your lines.

And that's why some think Sarah Palin did a stellar job. She proved to be a wizard at memorization, but did that also prove that she possesses the knowledge and understanding to back it up?

Of course not. When she couldn't come up with an answer, she resorted to back-pedaling. And when that didn't work, she spoke of her illustrious career as mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska. Let's not forget her "folksy" charm. Was it necessary to wink at the TV audience? Was she trying to impress us with her beauty pageant poise? Seriously, if I want to see those antics, I'll tune into TV Land for the Beverly Hillbillies Marathon. Gosh darn right I will.

Way to show her statesmanship. Treating the debates like she was vying for Miss Alaska just didn't endear her to my heart.

Nothing against the woman. I'm sure she's a real charmer at all the cocktail parties. I just wouldn't invite her to any of mine. There's something evil about a person who refers to gay as "choosing" to be so.

Admitting that she only had five weeks to get up to speed as the V.P. candidate, topped off with whining that she's not a "Washington insider" only further proved how under qualified she is.

This woman has hardly ventured outside of Wasilla, except for occasional moose hunts. This is not "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." Has she ever seen a city after all its industries closed because all the jobs went outside of the country. Has she heard of Detroit? I wonder if she's ever driven through an intersection of Wasilla and had her windshield washed by a homeless dude?

Has she ever seen a homeless dude? Has McCain the Maverick?

If McCain were truly a "maverick" he never would have bowed to the pressures of the party and picked Sarah Palin. This is a man who survived the Hanoi Hilton. Surely he could stand up to a few Republican blow-hards.

Sorry to burst your bee-hive, Sarah, but your Maverick has done been gelded, by golly.

In summary, the debate proved once again that Joe Biden is a gentleman, a scholar, and most of all, in touch with the human condition.


Edie said...

I agree with you on Palin. Gosh darn it. lol But I don't think McCain bowed under to pressure by picking her. I think he did it purposely and cynically, thinking that he'd get the same people who voted for GW Bush. After all, Bush was never the smartest nominee, but people voted for him.

Kath Calarco said...

Edie, I think McCain's motives on his veep choice were a blend of both. He truly felt remiss (or so I've heard)that Obama didn't pick Hillary as his running mate. Thus, when his minions threw out Palin's name, their motives entrenched in getting the Hillary backers' vote, J. Mac saw it as an opportunity to passively share his feelings over the Hillary oversight.

But couldn't he have said, "Let's find someone with experience?" Personally, I think J. Mac likes his women as silent arm candy, which is why Palin was a great fit for him.

Edie said...

I think you're right about his arm candy. It's too sad, and I hope his smear campaign against Obama doesn't work. I'll watch the debates tonight, though I'm getting sick of them.

Kath Calarco said...

Edie, I'm watching tonight because I love Tom Brokaw. (He's doing it tonight, right?)

I like to think that Obama is smear proof - that crap about hanging around with terrorists is typical of Republicans reaching for something that isn't there. I do believe, and this is really hitting below the belt, that if Obama wanted to, he could question McCain's tour of duty in Vietnam. I might be mistaken, but he didn't participate in jungle warfare. He was shot down and spent all his time in the Hanoi Hilton. Not that I'm playing that down by any stretch, but given his father's high ranking position, I doubt J. Mac would have seen any action if not for the fact he was shot down.