Thursday, October 2, 2008

Un-reality TV

There's only one TV show I've looked forward to more than the new season of "Dexter": Tonight's Vice Presidential debate. I call it "Unreal Reality TV."

This will be the train wreck to beat all, and I'll be front and center for the sublime. My prediction is that Sarah Palin will either speak while Joe Biden still is, or forget well rehearsed answers because she'll be too worried about trying to remember them all.

I've wondered if the Republicans had a specialist sit up with her cramming on foreign policy, the economy, how to pronounce "Iran," and most importantly, how not to look like a frightened moose in the cross-hairs. Let's face it. She wasn't prepared for Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric. Unless she's secretly miked, I can't imagine her keeping up with all she's had to learn.

Cramming never works. Only crib-sheets do. And since this is to be televised in real time, there's no chance for the dubbing in of answers later by someone in the editing booth. And I really doubt her palms are big enough to have written all the knowledge she lacks.

And that's the point everyone enthralled with her, both male and female, seems to miss. She didn't have an "A" game to bring when accepting the invitation to run with J. Mac. All she possessed was an ego that wouldn't allow her to say "no." Being a mayor of Wasilla, population 7,000, and governor of Alaska, population 650,000, is not a credential. It's just dabbling in small politics. A blip on the radar, not the experience necessary to be number two, and without the necessary experience and knowledge, then the country will literally be number two if she's called into action.

It's like being asked to pilot a 747 when you only have a drivers license. Would you say, "Hell, yeah. I can do that - straight to Uranus and back! Last night I slept at a Holiday Inn?" Wouldn't you consider the passengers' safety? Would you risk innocent bystanders just for a shot at the impossible?

Sure, she's a woman, so every member of that sex should be grateful that she's been chosen to run along side Grampa Munster. Hello? I am woman, hear me roar, "Hell no!" To me a self-respecting leader would recognize their potential and lack thereof. A self-respecting woman knows her limitations and doesn't sacrifice the greater good just to satisfy her ego.

So tonight I'll be front and center for the sublime abomination known as the "Sarah Palin Ego Stroke." If this is the ticket that wins in November, then I hope Canada has room for an increase in population.

Get your exit strategy ready, learn "O Canada", or load up on the Prozac. The J. Mac-Palin Ego show will be the beginning of the end of America as we know it.


Edie said...

But, Kath, she can see Russia from her house! Every time Putin rears his head up, she knows it.

I know one woman who says if McCain gets elected, her family is leaving the US. She's serious.

Kath Calarco said...

Edie, if she knows when Putin rears his head up, it's because it's in her...

front yard. :)

Each week on Bill Maher he features a new exit destination for those fleeing the U.S.

I think Costa Rica would be a nice spot. Canada's too cold, although the beer is fine by me.

marciacolette said...

If McCain gets elected, I just might join Edie's friend. But before I do that, I'm hoping impeachment will come into play. Heaven knows more than half the people involved in this whole financial debacle should be arrested anyway, started with the moron on top.

Costa Rica might work better for me because my company is looking for managers down there. Hmmmmm?

Edie said...

I'll have to check out Costa Rica.

I watched the debate last night. All I'll say about Palin is she didn't answer questions, relying on her personality. Biden impressed me and I connected with him. That moment when he talked about his son ... I clog up just thinking about it. LOL

Kath Calarco said...

Edie, I choked up too, when Biden mentioned the family he lost. Take that Sarah! Her and all her "Joe Six Pack" mentality. Yeah, so she sits around the table just like every other middle-class American. HAH! My butt she does! And I took umbrage to her "Joe Six Pack" reference - she made it sound like the middle-class was the Al Bundy family.

Lynne Simpson said...

Great blog, Kath! I followed a link on Edie's blog to find your post. :-)

Another place to move is Panama. A coworker of mine is already looking at real estate there and will move up his timeline considerably if the Terrible Two are elected. He says Costa Rica's very nice, too.

Since I've lived in Georgia all my life, Canada's gonna be a bit chilly for me, but Vancouver is considerably warmer than, say, Edmonton or Montreal. We've already been to BC three times to check things out, and it's a done deal. The only question at this point is when. If McCain and Caribou Barbie win, I will immediately start interviewing for jobs in Vancouver.

Marcia, you could be a QA at a gaming company in BC! :-) Several big gaming companies have development shops there.

Kath Calarco said...

Lynne, thanks for following Edie's link to here! I love to see new faces.

Add the recent bail out to the possible Evil Twins in the White House and you can betcha that Canada will see a swell in population. Toronto is only a three hour drive from where I live, so I'd still be close to relatives. If only I could convince my hubby to make the move...